Going for glory – the Olympic Spirit

At Vulture Jam we celebrate the finest the human spirit has to offer. Feats of endurance, climbing tall buildings, running at the speed of light, rapid deployment of paint projectiles.

The Olympics bring out the best in human nature. And as they draw to a close – we’d like to take a moment to give thanks for the talent and commitment of all players.

And of course, with corporate sponsors ranging from Coke and McDonalds… well – what says ‘amazing displays of athleticism and the limits of human endurance’ …quite like a double quarter pounder in cheese with a cup full of sugar… and heck, don’t forget Dow Chemicals – nothing gets you running record times quite like Napalm.™

Banksy had a crack, Brandalism kicked butt with an epic tour of billboards, those feisty Ukrainians Femen got their gear off in a marathon effort, and people took to the streets to highlight issues around the corporatisation of the sports, as well as intensive military policing.

Big ups to all the players out there going for glory. Makes us proud.


It has been reported this week that Planet Ark has been receiving vast amounts of money from the native forest logging industry in Australia to keep the organisation afloat.

In return Planet Ark have been doing some dirty work for the industry, actively promoting and endorsing the wood products that come from the destruction of Australia’s native forests.

In response to these revelations, Vulture Jam has had some fun with Planet Arks ‘National Tree day’ poster. How can this organisation mislead the Australian public as being green, and at the very same time  ‘greenwash’  the native forest logging industry responsible for destroying Australia’s iconic forests.

Please download ,share, paste up this poster and email Planet Ark at pr@planetark.org to tell them that they are destroying their brand by supporting the industry that destroys our forests.

No to Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is neither safe nor clean and order to save the future of our planet, we must continue to fight the expansion of nuclear power and instead push for clean, renewable sources of energy. To all the amazing and dedicated activists and concerned people across the world who are against nuclear power Vulture Jam has made this poster for you. If you would like a sticker ready version click here and you can download high res version here.


Blinky’s Habitat Bulldozed


Last week a report came out showing Harvey Norman has been  getting wood for its flooring range from Koala habitat in NSW. Blinky Bill and other story books like it depict a happy Blinky living in a Blinky paradise, so this poster/sticker is a representation of how one of our most famous cultural icons is at threat of being endangered by destructive logging practices.

If you would like to get up to some mischief please download this poster and paste up or you can download our sticker ready pdf to pop onto some A4 sticker paper labels from your stationery place, to share with your local Harvey Norman store.

There are some things a corporation can’t buy

The Broome community who are campaigning against a proposed gas hub in their pristine wilderness area have recently been the subject of quite incredible corporate/government sponsored intimidation, with up to 200 police fully kitted out with riot gear descending on the town.  Two local grandmothers outsmarted the full force of the law and entirely disrupted operations for the day by bravely locking themselves to a cement filled van to obstruct machinery access. More info at Hands off Country, Environs Kimberley and Save the Kimberley.

Only in Tasmania…

Oh sweet corrupt Tasmania. You are so dishy with your hand outs. Hot on the heels of the official report by Professor West which detailed how Forestry Tasmania are over cutting the beautiful native forests remaining on the fair island… and whilst industry are in the middle of jostling for hand outs as part of the ‘peace process’ the government just casually mentions that $110 million is to be given to Forestry Tasmania to bail them out.Not content with taking the forests that belong to everyone, they are being rewarded with a free pass for their financial mismanagement as well.

A proud moment for democracy and our environment.Download and paste up!

Dont burn native forests for electricity

This is an oldie but a goodie but unfortunately still relevant. one of the crew at vulture jam made this image a few years ago against the national push to get native forest fuelled electricity up and running as a ‘renewable energy’, by the evil forces in government and the logging industry.

Burning native forest wood for energy is not clean, renewable or green. Australian Government policy is currently not to allow renewable energy subsidies for native forest wood, but this is under threat. Independent MP Rob Oakeshott has put up a motion to disallow the native forest biomass regulations, supported by fellow independent, Tony Windsor.The woodchipping industry views burning native forest for electricity as a lifeline to enable continued destruction of Australia’s native forests as traditional markets for woodchips collapse. Protecting native forests is the quickest, safest and cheapest way to help stop climate change
Click on the image below to be redirected to a quick online action and help stop the push for forest furnaces or please click this link and download this poster as a pdf to print up and paste around town.


Welcome to 2012 people. Vulture Jam has brought in the new year inspired by Martin Ferguson and the federal government using a private intelligence company to spy on environmental and community groups communications on the net. The poster (below left) has been modeled on a comic book cover art based on an adaptation of 1984. The poster (below right) is an adaptation of the poster entitled ‘Thought Police’ by Libertymaniacs. Thanks to the artists for providing inspiration for these posters.

To download click on the thumbnails below for a high-res pdf of the poster and put up to show the federal government and the Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism Martin Ferguson that you are outraged by spying on community groups.

Got any poster ideas to rip off Martin Ferguson and the government?  Email to us and we will add them to this post.

Welcome to Vulture Jam. We aim to provide a resource for people to share inspiration and ideas for creative culture jamming and direct action. Through poster art, stencils, paste ups, graffiti and stickers we hope to draw attention to environmental destruction and dodgy corporate practice.


2012 might be the year of the dragon, but many people who have been fighting for forest conservation outcomes in Tasmania over the last decade will be hoping 2012 will be the year of the rat … well …  going to jail that is. John Gay, former CEO of Gunns Limited will hopefully be found guilty and sent to jail for insider trading whilst at the helm of the timber company, Gunns Limited. For all you gave to Tasmania over the years including all the massive clearfells & poisoned wildlife, we wish you all the best of our legal system in 2012.

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