There are some things a corporation can’t buy

The Broome community who are campaigning against a proposed gas hub in their pristine wilderness area have recently been the subject of quite incredible corporate/government sponsored intimidation, with up to 200 police fully kitted out with riot gear descending on the town.  Two local grandmothers outsmarted the full force of the law and entirely disrupted operations for the day by bravely locking themselves to a cement filled van to obstruct machinery access. More info at Hands off Country, Environs Kimberley and Save the Kimberley.

4 thoughts on “There are some things a corporation can’t buy

  1. julie says:

    Love your work Granny Julie

  2. go go you good thing… go super grans 🙂

  3. Nowhere is sacred anymore to those few who reap the resources out of them – we hav to be more careful with using what we already hav so they dont hav to keep mining everywhere – the days of a throw-away society must stop before Nature stops it for us!

  4. Cedar Whelan says:

    Go girls – go hard. Best wishes for a positive outcome x

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