Going for glory – the Olympic Spirit

At Vulture Jam we celebrate the finest the human spirit has to offer. Feats of endurance, climbing tall buildings, running at the speed of light, rapid deployment of paint projectiles.

The Olympics bring out the best in human nature. And as they draw to a close – we’d like to take a moment to give thanks for the talent and commitment of all players.

And of course, with corporate sponsors ranging from Coke and McDonalds… well – what says ‘amazing displays of athleticism and the limits of human endurance’ …quite like a double quarter pounder in cheese with a cup full of sugar… and heck, don’t forget Dow Chemicals – nothing gets you running record times quite like Napalm.™

Banksy had a crack, Brandalism kicked butt with an epic tour of billboards, those feisty Ukrainians Femen got their gear off in a marathon effort, and people took to the streets to highlight issues around the corporatisation of the sports, as well as intensive military policing.

Big ups to all the players out there going for glory. Makes us proud.

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