Welcome to 2012 people. Vulture Jam has brought in the new year inspired by Martin Ferguson and the federal government using a private intelligence company to spy on environmental and community groups communications on the net. The poster (below left) has been modeled on a comic book cover art based on an adaptation of 1984. The poster (below right) is an adaptation of the poster entitled ‘Thought Police’ by Libertymaniacs. Thanks to the artists for providing inspiration for these posters.

To download click on the thumbnails below for a high-res pdf of the poster and put up to show the federal government and the Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism Martin Ferguson that you are outraged by spying on community groups.

Got any poster ideas to rip off Martin Ferguson and the government?  Email to us and we will add them to this post.

Welcome to Vulture Jam. We aim to provide a resource for people to share inspiration and ideas for creative culture jamming and direct action. Through poster art, stencils, paste ups, graffiti and stickers we hope to draw attention to environmental destruction and dodgy corporate practice.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Your site is awesome thanks so much

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