vulture jammingn a form of political and social activism which, by the means of fake advertisements pastiches of company logos and product labels, etc, draws attention to and at the same time subverts the power of the media, governments, and large corporations who prey and feed on our society.

Welcome to Vulture Jam. We aim to provide a resource for people to share inspiration and ideas for creative culture jamming and direct action. Through art, stencils, paste ups, graffiti and stickers we hope to draw attention to a range of issues.

We are a collective of artists and culture jammer’s who are using creative methods to bring information to the public and aim to have people question dodgy corporate practices through our collective visual representations.

You can email us here if you would like to donate a graphic to be made available for download. We also welcome pictures of your work for our inspiration page, and other resources you might want to share.

We are very polite law abiding folk and we would never advocate you do anything naughty with these resources. Just sayin.

But if you happen to want to download and get out amongst it, we got lotsa inspiration in our gallery.

We would love this to be an ever-growing resource for activists in Australia and beyond.  We welcome all contributions relating to environmental, social justice and general cheekiness.

One thought on “ABOUT US

  1. Liza says:

    Can you appropriate the NT Intervention ‘Prescribed area’ signs? I’m having trouble getting my hands on a usable copy.

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